snacks by Shira vol. 21: trail mix chocolate bites

superfood trail mix chocolate bites // #ShiraRD #paleo #refinedsugarfree #SnacksByShira

makes 10 bites


2 oz unsweetened baking chocolate (100% cacao)
1 Tbsp maple syrup

toppings: pumpkin seeds, unsweetened shredded coconut, goji berries, pistachios, sea salt


  1. In a thick saucepan or double broiler, melt the chocolate over very low heat. Once melted, remove from heat, add maple syrup and stir until well combined.
  2. Carefully pour melted chocolate on parchment paper in circular shapes, approximately 2 inches wide.
  3. Sprinkle desired toppings on top.
  4. Place in frige to cool.
  5. Enjoy!

xx Shira